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Small Business Networking

The right technology, and the right connectivity between technology components, ensures that business remain effective and productive day to day. The right network infrastructure helps ensure that any and all types of data shared between people in a company is smooth and headache free, rapid and consistent, redundant and safe. The right planning and purchases help ensure future costs are low, and future productivity is high.


Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Ensuring regular IT planning and maintenance is increasingly becoming an important issue for companies implementing and maintaining the latest technologies. This is because it is notoriously difficult for small business owners who want to focus on running their business to keep up with the advances in technology and ensure smooth network operations, resulting in unexpected hangups at the most inopportune times. Managed IT Services are an answer for companies looking to streamline their IT support costs and efficiency.


Small Business Mobility

Each year, more and more Americans are adapting a mobile or semi-mobile lifestyle, desiring or needing to be able to access any and all of their primary functions from wherever they are. For some, including sales people or remote workers, connectivity is especially critical to the successful conduct of their job. It is reported that among the nearly half of all US workers considered mobile, 20% regard a mobile environment their primary work environment. Thus, solid mobile IT planning is essential.


VoIP for the Small Business

VoIP as a replacement for POTS (plain old telephone system) has transformed many voice systems at companies, by providing an added layer of flexibility, savings, and efficiency. It is rapidly becoming the de-facto option for small businesses who are looking at implementing a telecommunications system available at a new level of service and costs through their Internet data lines.


Web Collaboration

Collaboration is the de-facto standard of working now into the future, as the world comes together via the Web. The collective mind can solve problems and find new solutions that individuals working on their own simply do not have the ability to do. Effective collaboration can increase the satisfaction, synergy, and growth of your company in ways not even imaginable. Work with us to find solutions and possible connections between your employees that were simply not available just a few years ago using the latest in Web collaboration and social media.


Outsourced IT

Information Technology (IT) implementations in small to medium businesses (SMB) don’t always mesh with the reality of cost and support. On the one hand, each organization needs to ensure that they have a solid IT infrastructure in place. On the other hand, SMB’s do have very real financial and personnel limitations that larger organizations don’t have to consider. An Outsourced IT department can solve many of these issues by providing a variety of convenient arrangements minimizing costs, while maximizing support options and expertise, for any organization, regardless of size or budget.

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