Professional Services

Protect crucial data and boost productivity with Intelligent Technical Solutions

Nowadays, serving your client entails more than just monitoring the numbers or supervising an account. Cybercriminals view you as their primary target because of the multitude of valuable information you carry, which is why you need Intelligent Technical Solutions to keep them at bay.

Your clients trust you with their confidential data, so you must do everything you can to keep their reputation, personal information, and finances safe. Whether you run an investment brokerage, PR firm, or a real estate brokerage, our technicians will custom-build a plan for your business to ensure that you implement the right technology at the right price, for the right reasons.

At Intelligent Technical Solutions, we make sure that you keep your clients and your staff happy by:

  • Securing your professional services firm from all types of tech disasters, including human error with our data backup and recovery solutions
  • Fending off all sorts of cyberattacks, and encrypting crucial client and email data
  • Protecting your network and servers using robust perimeter defenses
  • Transforming your technology to be as agile and professional as you and your staff

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