Preventing Phishing for Critical Data

Have you heard of the term "Phishing"?  It is that that jam band, or the fans enjoying their music.  Phishing is essentially where an E-Mail comes to you, wanting personal information and you have to decide if it is legitimate, or if it is a scam.  It sounds simple enough, but try and see how well you can do recognizing an E mail that is legitimate from one that is a "phishing" Email.

Data Backup and Data Security

It was raining something brutal last week, and it naturally led us to think about data back-up (we know, we really need to get a life!)  There is talk all over about data back up and why you need it and why you need to spend $500 a month to have "real solutions.

We Can Help Your Small Business With IT Services

Often time small businesses want to have an "in-house" IT guy because then they feel if there is a problem, it can be addressed quickly.  In theory, this is a great idea, but in practice, it often falls short.  If you have all of your proverbial eggs in one basket, it can make running your small business even harder than it already is.

The Importance of Data Backup in Las Vegas

This week one of our staff members had their iPhone crash on them and when they tried to restore their phone from the Back Up, it didn't go smoothly because the file was corrupted and it turned out it was faster for them to re-enter their data than it was to try and fix the corrupted file.

Hiring a New Computer Company in Las Vegas

Change is difficult.  We all understand this.  Whether it is changing jobs, changing houses and unfortunately a little too often, changing spouses...  Change is hard.  We grow comfortable and even when things are really bad, sometime we don't know any better.

Investing in IT During Tough Times!

Would you be surprised to learn that the Las Vegas Sands company had a major IT renovation last year that helped curtail much of the bleeding it had been suffering?  Most people are.  When profits go down, or go into the red, the first thing we all do as small business owners is look for ways to cut expenses.

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