Common Mistakes Regarding Operating Systems

Securing Operating Systems: Common Mistakes
Whether you are using a system based on the Windows, Linux or a Mac platform, some vulnerabilities exist in each of these operating system environments. Windows gets the most negative press, but this is simply because it is the most widely used, at least for now.

What to Do When the Computer Crashes

Computer Crash: Some Solutions
Over the years, amazing developments in computer design and software have created a myth of security around the computer. Most Las Vegas computer systems actually have serious vulnerabilities. The experience of a computer failure of some kind is common; the best way to handle it is to be prepared.

Goal Thermometer in Excel

Microsoft Excel: Creating a Fundraising Goal Thermometer or Sales Quota Thermometer
This post is designed for people with marginally good Excel skills, if you need further help, you can always give us a call for any computer questions in Las Vegas!
Creating a thermometer in Excel is fun and easy.

Computer Network Security – Basics

Essential Computer Security: The Anti-Crash Course

It is amazing how many computers still get infected with malicious software or viruses. Many of these problems can be resolved simply by reinforcing or upgrading your computer’s defenses against malware and other threats.

Preventing Email Hacking in Las Vegas

Preventing and Treating Email Hacking

Email hacking is a serious problem whose occurrence keeps increasing in our world. It can be highly disruptive to work and terribly stressful for your mind. 

The symptoms include getting locked out of your email address, your sent items containing strange emails you never sent, and your friends, family, and coworkers reporting they received SPAM from your account.

Flash Drive Formatting Tips for Las Vegas

Formatting Your Flash Drive

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You might find you want to clear out a flash drive to install a fresh set of programs or files. You could simply delete those files manually. However, to optimize its performance and minimize chance of recovery of deleted data, it is a good idea to reformat your flash drive completely.

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