Upgrading Your OS

Is an Operating System upgrade necessary?

The average price of an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is $70. That is if a computer already has Windows 7 installed. If not? Windows 8 costs $200, minimum. These prices can make some companies decide between needed computer repairs and upgrading to a new operating system.

Laptop Won’t Boot – Quick Tips to Help

Booting a PC into Safe Mode

Even in Las Vegas, systems will need computer repairs. Booting it your system in to Safe Mode will allow you to troubleshoot your system without computer networking or other system functions. Safe Mode only loads the files that are absolutely necessary to make the computer work.

Data Backup and Recovery in Las Vegas

Data back up is the key to surviving a hard drives crash

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One of the central truths about using a computer is that it will crash at some point. When this happens, data that is saved on the computer might not be recovered.

Is Your Computer Technology Clear?

How to Clean Your Technology for a Better Business


Technology such as laptops, desktop computers, phones and tablets are great ways to organize information for a successful business.

Electronics Recycling – Questions to Ask

You have old computers or copiers to get rid 0f, maybe an old monitor or two.  The question becomes, what do we do with these electronics?  Should we toss them in the dumpster, call someone, what's that best way to deal with old computers or computers that aren't worth repairing.

Service Plans Las Vegas Businesses

The Benefits of a Contract Service Agreement

Computer problems can affect your ability to serve your customers and perform other essential business operations. Problems arise when new software is incompatible with previously installed programs or remnants of old programs interfere with a successful installation.

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