Maintaining Your Computer Network

How to Maintain your Computer Network
Are you a business owner in Las Vegas that has been having problems with your computer network? Have you had to deal with issues such as crashes, slow boot times, and dropped internet connections? Although many of these problems can cause grief and headache, there are simple computer repair solutions available that can be used to alleviate them.

Computer Not Powering Up?

Help! My computer isn't coming on!

Turning on a computer is an exercise that is fraught with nervous excitement. Despite the machine turning on one hundred times, there is always that expectation it won’t turn on this time. What happens if that scenario pops up? You turn on your computer and nothing comes up? Here are a few ideas to save you from computer repairs.

Password Safety

Password Safety

The password is the most basic and widely used security measure for technology. Everyone has an account that uses some kind of password, from typing one in to access email to supplying one to buy music. Passwords are a common form of security that is most often misused.

The Internet is Down

Troubleshooting Internet Issues

This has happened to everyone. An idea is formed and a concept is discussed. Research is needed so one of the group opens a browser to start. He browses over to web search engine and nothing happens. There is just a message: Unable to Connect to the internet.

Is Open Source for Your Company?

Cutting Costs with Open Source Software

Every business needs some kind of software for their computer. Content creators need a word processor and image manipulation software, accountants need spreadsheet and money tracking software, and so it goes. Even the smallest business needs a piece of software for something.

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