What It Means to Serve Our Community

Being a Managed IT Services company in Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix means we are a critical part of some of the larger and more important cities and communities in the USA.  Chicago is critical in banking, Los Angeles in entertainment (what do we have to look forward to on Netflix if social distancing is in effect through summer?)  Las Vegas is an entertainment hub and Phoenix has a ton of manufacturing.

Investing in Your Company During an Uncertain Future

There is no doubt these are tricky times for many businesses.  Especially in the cities we work in of Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix where stay at home orders and higher than average cases has affected our local economies.  So, many companies are seeking to batton down the hatches and ensure their capital outlay is in line with sustaining their future as a company.

Ruckus Wireless – Our Partner to Help Our Clients

There are many reasons clients need to improve their wifi and their IT infrastructure.  Sometimes it has to do with time to support the network, sometimes it is customer experience when using corporate wifi and sometimes it is just a need to make the mananagement much easier.

Microsoft Teams for Remote Work

If you have a team who works together on projects, you should look at Microsoft Teams for a variety of reasons.  Here are some of the best features of the software platform, especially with what we have going on with coronavirus.

First of all, what is Microsoft Teams?  If you haven't heard about Microsoft Teams, it is kind of like a hybrid between a project management tool like Monday combined with Slack, Google Hangouts, and your standard Email and documents from Microsoft.

How the ITS3CX Phone System Helps Our Clients

When clients have to stay at home because of a tragedy, sick kids or coronavirus - you need a phone system that makes the transition easier for your team.  We have talked with some business owners who have resorted to hard forwarding their office phones to their cell phones.

Success is Not Guaranteed

Running an IT company is not the easiest job out there, but with a team of passionate people we have been able to grow over the years beyond what we would have imagined 10 years ago.  Back around 2010, we were just coming out of a major recession and there were some hard business decisions to be made.

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