Protecting Data: Why Backing Up Files Isn’t Enough

One of the most common IT mistakes we see is just not taking enough steps to securing data. Keeping your business alive can be impossible without your data. The move to more online focused methods of working and storing files was accelerated when the Coronavirus pandemic swept across the world.

Best Defenses Against Malware

Any good IT security plan has to deal with all sorts of malware. Malware are like the diseases that enter your body and cause illness. There is no solution that can defend against all malware, just like there is no one medicine that can protect against all diseases.

6 Most Dangerous Types of Phishing Scams to Watch Out for and How to Prepare for Them

According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, phishing accounts for over 30 percent of breaches and remains the biggest threat to small businesses. What’s worse is that phishing attacks are growing even more sophisticated and malicious as many businesses continue to work remotely.

How MSPs Reduce Downtime

How MSPs help Reduce Downtime
There is no question that a business's data is crucial to its success. These days everything is stored online, and everyone knows that securing that data has never been more important. It can be impossible to do any business without access to data when you need it.

Is an MPS Worth the Cost?

Many business owners wonder if working with an MSP is worth the cost of hiring one. There are a couple of different reasons people assume that they don’t need an MSP. We would like to go over some of these concerns and talk about exactly what you get with a good managed service provider.

6 Ways Technology Increases Productivity

It’s not hard to see how smartphones and the internet cause distractions at work. But these tools — and technology in general — aren’t all that bad. If used properly, these can help your business easily and quickly achieve your goals. Here are six ways modern devices and applications increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

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