What is Ransomware?

  In this article we will discuss:
 - What is ransomware?
 - How ransomware works
 - 6 ways to avoid ransomware attacks

Hackers have found out that there are industries such as the medical field that spend a minuscule percentage of their budget on IT security.

How IT Transformation Makes Your Las Vegas Business More Agile

In Las Vegas last year, Dell EMC’s chief marketing officer Jeremy Burton said that IT “is about to undergo its biggest transformation over the next few years."

Successful IT transformation involves modernizing, automating, and transforming your infrastructure to simplify your approach to IT. That makes your business more agile and helps you meet customer demands faster than your competition.

The Biggest Data Security Mistake Financial Services Companies Make

Lost, stolen or unsecured devices are involved in 18% of data breaches, according to a recent eWeek survey. But financial services companies face an even bigger threat to the security of confidential data: employees using consumer software in the workplace.

BYOD Best Practices, Part 6: 6 Biggest Risks for BYOD Data Leaks

At least 21% of organizations have suffered a data breach because of a BYOD device, according to a Skycure report. For all of the convenience of BYOD, it can quickly lead to a data breach if the right security precautions aren’t taken.

The risk is greatest when sensitive company data ends up on another unsecured consumer device owned by the employee.

BYOD Best Practices, Part 5: 5 People You Must Have on a BYOD Team

What’s the key difference between a smoothly efficient BYOD initiative and one that flops? Having the right people. In order to navigate the dangers of BYOD effectively, your Las Vegas company needs a team of outstanding people covering five distinct positions.

BYOD Best Practices, Part 4: 10 BYOD Questions to Drive Employee Buy-In

Designing an effective BYOD program for your Las Vegas company is a balancing act between employee satisfaction and effective security.

The more choices you provide employees in terms of devices and available apps, the greater the potential security risks.

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