6 Cheap Ways to Improve It Security

Everyone wants the best security for their business, but nobody wants to bankrupt their business to get it. Luckily, you do not need to spend thousands on the most expensive software, and a legion of IT professionals to bolster your IT security. There are many cheap (or Free) ways to improve IT security, and just following these 5 pieces of advice is sure to help you keep attackers at bay.

What is 2FA and Why Does it Matter?

Security systems are improving every day. Tools that were used a couple years ago can be obsolete now, but new processes come along that help us stay safe in the current landscape. One of these new tools that everyone who wants a secure IT system should be using is two-factor authentication (2FA).
What is 2FA?
Two factor authentication is a process that adds a secondary login whenever you want to access something important.

7 Steps to IT Security

Managing an entire businesses IT infrastructure can be a daunting task. But, you don’t need to be a tech master to improve your protection from a malware attack. Following a few simple procedures can drastically improve the chances of coming out on top after a technological breach.

ITS True Tech Tales

This story is from ITS owner Tom Andrulis. It's a true story of how ITS saved a client from a ransomware attack. This is an example of the importance of working a competent MSP and how good IT support can save a business.
The Situation
An insurance company of about 150 people reached out to ITS about a ransomware infection in their system.

How MSPs Reduce Downtime

How MSPs help Reduce Downtime
There is no question that a business's data is crucial to its success. These days everything is stored online, and everyone knows that securing that data has never been more important. It can be impossible to do any business without access to data when you need it.

Ultimate Guide to Transitioning Back Into the Workplace

Returning to the office is a welcome move for businesses that have struggled to cope with remote work and disruptions like travel restrictions and social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, transitioning back into the workplace can be dangerous if done haphazardly.

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