Why Should I Pay for IT? The Value of good Business Technology

Good IT is like a good immune system. When your immune system is working correctly then you don't ever need to think about it. Processes continue and you go about your day without a second thought.

However if you get sick then suddenly health is on the mind.

Who is the Ideal Business for Managed-IT Services?

Business that are ideal for Managed IT-Services:

Have a lot of legal compliance requirements
Want to save money
Want to current and future-proof business
Are starting to need 24/7 support
Are needing several backups to protect company data

Ever been on a business trip and checked into a hotel where you got so much work done? 

The concierge was outstanding.

How to Secure your Home Router

The Covid pandemic has forever changed the way that organizations operate. It's not just about helping an organization increase it's network performance and security anymore, because most people aren't even working in the office anymore!

More and more people are connecting to their businesses through home Wi Fi networks in unsafe ways.

Why your Business Needs Data Management

These days it seems like everyone is concerned with their data. This is a reasonable fear as we have seen malware attacks grow in ways that would shock people 20 years ago.

For this reason many businesses are focusing more and more on data management.

4 Tips to Help Optimize a Small Business’s Network

Keeping your network running smoothly takes constant maintenance. You have to make sure that your system is not bogged down with unnecessary clutter if you want peak network performance. 

However most people do not keep up with what they need to.

Cyber Security during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed much about our modern workplaces. Social distancing has made everyone find alternative workplace options, and that usually means working remotely. The remote work landscape can be great for workers but also has made it easier for cyber criminals to attack.

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