The Hidden Danger of Your Company’s DIY Computer Network

Think your company is saving money by managing your own computer network? Think again.
Global virus outbreaks such as WannaCry and Petya are now targeting everything from Las Vegas casinos to law offices and even hospitals. Even a single flaw in your computer network security can put your company at risk.

3 Ways to Benefit from IT Services in Las Vegas

3 Ways IT Services in Las Vegas Benefit Medium Businesses
Medium-sized businesses are in a unique situation; they're too large to be maintained by just one or two IT professionals, but they're too small to make having a large in-house IT department worthwhile.

ITS for all Your Computer Support

The past decade has brought tremendous change to the computer industry.

Only a few years ago desktop computers were the dominant form factor in the work place and cell phones were attached to a box in one's car with plastic covered phone cable.

Cloud vs VPS

ITS of Las Vegas is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that provides businesses Cloud based technology, solutions, and support. If you are interested in moving some or all of your computing operations to the cloud it’s a good idea to understand some Cloud basics.

Does Your Computer Have a Virus?

How Can You Tell When Your Computer Has A Virus?

For typical computer users, there are three common signs that indicate a potential computer virus. These signs are generally easy to detect, but often many users ignore the signs until it is too late.

Disaster Recovery in Las Vegas

It is a normal Tuesday night, work is going well and your computers seem to be functioning well.  You haven't really even thought about them for a while, and then a power surge hits them or the computer dies.  There were all sorts of files that need to be recovered.

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