ITS True Tech Tales

This story is from ITS owner Tom Andrulis. It's a true story of how ITS saved a client from a ransomware attack. This is an example of the importance of working a competent MSP and how good IT support can save a business.
The Situation
An insurance company of about 150 people reached out to ITS about a ransomware infection in their system.

Ultimate Guide to Transitioning Back Into the Workplace

Returning to the office is a welcome move for businesses that have struggled to cope with remote work and disruptions like travel restrictions and social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, transitioning back into the workplace can be dangerous if done haphazardly.

10 Things to Consider Before Moving Your Business to the Cloud

The cloud has made access to myriad information and resources simpler than ever. And with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many organizations to innovate how they must serve and reach out to their customers, cloud adoption has become widespread.

Moving your business resources to the cloud is a great solution if you need to modify your IT environment often to meet changing demands or difficulties.

Top 15 Cybersecurity Best Practices

It’s easy to think that since you have a small business, cybercriminals won’t bother targeting your modest assets. The “not a lot to steal” mindset is common among small-business owners, but it’s incorrect and out of sync with the current cybercrime landscape — nearly half of all cyberattacks are committed against small businesses.

Top 7 qualities to look for in a managed IT services provider

Many small businesses are turning to managed IT services providers (MSPs) to forgo having to handle complex and time-consuming IT tasks on their own, especially now that workforces are distributed due to the ongoing public health crisis. These technology experts are the ideal partners for those seeking to maintain and eventually grow their business while saving on IT costs across the board.

3 Key elements to enable digital transformation for your business

In today’s increasingly digital world, customers expect constant innovation. In addition to quality service and fair pricing, they want personalized interactions and connected experiences across several channels, engaging with brands whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them.

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