8 Tips for Establishing a Company Text Message Policy

At least 80 percent of Americans use texting for business, according to a survey by Instantly. Texting may be simple, fast, and convenient. But in the event of litigation, employee texts can create a tangle of legal headaches for your Las Vegas business.

How to Start a Webmeeting with VoIP Business Phone System 3CX

Many businesses are moving to Las Vegas because we offer great tax incentives. One of the drawbacks is that Las Vegas is not a cultural center. A way to overcome the problem is to use a full featured VoIP Phone System that equips your business to communicate efficiently.

Cloud vs VPS

ITS of Las Vegas is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that provides businesses Cloud based technology, solutions, and support. If you are interested in moving some or all of your computing operations to the cloud it’s a good idea to understand some Cloud basics.

Managed IT Including the Phone Systems

Business Computing Trends 


In order to compete in today's fast paced business environment corporate leaders need to be able to get sound advice about how to evaluate, roll-out, customize, and deploy computing systems that will advance their business interests.

Managed Computer Repairs

Managed Computer Services: Las Vegas


Businesses rely on technology to keep their operations running smoothly.

PBX or VoIP?

Business Phone Options in Las Vegas
Are you using an old fashioned PBX business phone system in Las Vegas?  Often, there are specific issues which can be addressed by transitioning to a VoIP business phone system in Las Vegas.  The phone rings into your office, what happens currently?  Does it ring and then go to voice mail?  Does it ring and hit music and then to a live person?  With VoIP in Las Vegas, you can set the schedule to work however you want!

Maybe you are a small company and need everyone involved so each person is assigned a 1 hour block to answer the phone.

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