Top 7 qualities to look for in a managed IT services provider

Many small businesses are turning to managed IT services providers (MSPs) to forgo having to handle complex and time-consuming IT tasks on their own, especially now that workforces are distributed due to the ongoing public health crisis. These technology experts are the ideal partners for those seeking to maintain and eventually grow their business while saving on IT costs across the board.

8 Tips for Establishing a Company Text Message Policy

At least 80 percent of Americans use texting for business, according to a survey by Instantly. Texting may be simple, fast, and convenient. But in the event of litigation, employee texts can create a tangle of legal headaches for your Las Vegas business.

4 Lessons CIOs Need to Learn about Digital Transformation

The responsibility for driving digital transformation is increasingly falling on the shoulders of Chief Information Officers. Today, CIOs spend 41% of their time on IT leadership, according to Gartner’s annual survey1. At the recent Gartner Symposium event in Barcelona, CIOs shared their four biggest lessons in successfully driving digital transformation.

3 Ways IT Consulting Services Can Increase Your Profits through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is essential to increased profitability, according to an SAP report released last month at SuccessConnect in Las Vegas. Fully 80% of companies that underwent digital transformation efforts reported increased profitability, compared to only 53% of other companies.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Computer Consulting Services?

The city of Las Vegas has turned to artificial intelligence to help stop cyber attacks, predict traffic accidents hours before they happen, and even help residents gain easier access to city services. Considering how artificial intelligence can be used in so many different applications, how long will it be before AI replaces computer consulting services?
Artificial Intelligence is Already Taking Over Some Jobs
Amazon’s Alexa and her kin can do much more than update calendars and make phone calls.

Documenting Processes Is Critical to Growing Your Business

Documenting our processes has been essential to the growth of our IT managed services business, and if you want to scale up, you also need to do so.
In the past, we thought the investment of documenting processes was only for large well-established businesses.

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