Outside IT Sales Rep

You won't apply for the following reasons:
- You think you can't learn how to sell IT
- You're afraid of new careers
- Your situation isn't bad enough to warrant a change
- You enjoy stuffy environments and wearing a tie every day

If you do apply it could be because you want to be:

- More than just a corporate expense
- In an environment where you feel appreciated
- Aligned with a company that has a plan for you to learn, grow, and succeed

Sell to businesses in an ever growing and always evolving technological environment. Our products include managed services, Fiber and VoIP.

Great people skills
Willingness to learn
Strong drive to succeed
Ability to be part of a team

- Base pay and commission based on sales and industry experience
- Paid approved educational advancement programs
- Benefits like Health, Dental/Vision coverage, Life Insurance and supplemental insurance available
- Matching 401k
- Paid Vacation / PTO
- Lunch provided by a professional chef every day
- Personal trainer in-house 3 days week
- Safe, clean, and fun work environment

Apply here:  http://www.ondemandassessment.com/verify/apply/BDyRAAD/nwPTwPa

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