Do You Have a Technology Backup Plan?

What Is Your Technology Backup Plan?

Make Sure Your IT Systems are Properly Backed Up

As you stare at the screen, you can feel your heart drop into your stomach.

You’ve just suffered a ransomware attack, and you need to figure out your options. How are you going to regain access to your critical data?

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about ransomware crippling your business if you have a reliable backup plan. Here are some steps you can take to create a secure backup of all your data should you need to retrieve it at a moment’s notice.

Keep At Least One Copy Off-Site

For off-site data backup, use a business-class cloud-based solution; they offer greater security than backing up your data on your servers.

If your business needs to meet specific security standards, like HIPAA regulations, you want to make sure your cloud-based backup service provides that level of security.

Make At Least Three Copies of Your Data

Your first copy is the primary data that you continue to work with daily. Your second copy will be on-site data that you can store on a centralized file server on a different server than your primary data. The third copy should be off-site via a cloud backup or another secure, off-site location.

Also, make sure your backups are encrypted. Don’t store your data on an unencrypted hard drive where it can get stolen and accessed by anyone.

Ensure You Can Retrieve Your Backup Data Quickly

Your backup data does you no good if you can’t use it when you need it. Make sure that you can use your backup data immediately when you need it. Every second lost is money lost.

Avoid Catastrophe by Backing Up Your Data Immediately

A ransomware attack is far from the only instance of data loss that should concern you. However, you can be ready for any attack that comes your way and return to business as usual. Follow this simple and effective backup plan and breathe easier, knowing that you have taken the steps you need to protect your business and customers.

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