What It Means to Serve Our Community

Being a Managed IT Services company in Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix means we are a critical part of some of the larger and more important cities and communities in the USA.  Chicago is critical in banking, Los Angeles in entertainment (what do we have to look forward to on Netflix if social distancing is in effect through summer?)  Las Vegas is an entertainment hub and Phoenix has a ton of manufacturing.

What this means, is we end up with a wide array of clients from about every industry and walk of life, and it is our job to support them with world class IT Services and Support.  We find the supporting of our clients the actual joy we have as we try and work through this pandemic and what it means for all of us.

We know as a Managed IT company, there are some facts about us that matter:

We Matter - Our clients depend on us, as we depend on them, and it is wonderful to know we matter and our efforts to help people work remotely quickly and efficiently can literally save jobs and perhaps even the companies we work with.  We are excited to serve our clients with even better support than they expect, because as times become more challenging, you need a company who is willing to step up and help.

Technology Matters - What would we have done if this pandemic had hit us in 1978?  Being able to work from home, accessing critical files and using Microsoft Teams or Zoom or whatever techmology your team prefers...  This would not have been possible even 15 years ago because no one had fast enough internet at home to really support the video streaming and the mass usage would have slowed down the internet even more.  We get it, this is a hard time, but we should be grateful there is work we can still do!

Your Clients Matter - Every business owner is out there fighting.  One thing we have loved to see is the spirit of business owners doing what they have to do to help their employees and survive this cycle.  What we have all realized, is just how precious clients are.  We love our clients, and we are sure you feel the same way about your clients.  When we support you, we know we are helping you do a better job and that you are able to keep your customers.  That matters deeply to us.

IT Services and Managed IT seems like a bunch of computer geeks just trying to make systems fit together and work.  Of course, that is some of what we do.  We are more proud of how we help enable business to work from anywhere.  How we build secure access to critical systems and files so people can work from home almost as efficiently as they do in the office.  Our work is not about 1's and 0's...  it is about our clients being able to serve their clients.

We exist to help you serve your clients without headaches from your computers.  If you work with us, thank you for your continued IT Support business.  If you don't, we would love to chat with you!

We want to make sure your operations run smoothly, so when your clients call needing your help, you can help them and spread some joy to your clients.

Give us a call to learn more about how we enable smart companies to be able to work from anywhere at anytime.

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