Ruckus Wireless – Our Partner to Help Our Clients

Ruckus Wireless – Our Partner to Help Our Clients

There are many reasons clients need to improve their wifi and their IT infrastructure.  Sometimes it has to do with time to support the network, sometimes it is customer experience when using corporate wifi and sometimes it is just a need to make the mananagement much easier.  One of our partners we utilize when designing networks for our clients is Ruckus Wireless.

There are a few reasons your company could benefit from Ruckus Wireless hardware.

Spotty Wifi Signal - If you find your wireless is spotty, flaky or getting a lot of complaints from customers or from workers, it may be time to look at the system architecture and access points you are using to to support the network.

Limited IT Staff - If your wireless is less than ideal, then there are more problems.  The greater number of problems can seriously impact staff utilization so that rather than keeping the network secure, the IT staff is having to work extra hard to keep people connected.  Having simple and secure solutions really matter when it comes to network setup.

Budget Concerns - Money is not a never ending thing for most of us.  Even congress has to pay attention to spending.  Having technology which supports your needs and can be cost effective is critical for most businesses.   The more the world counts on wifi, the more it is important to ensure these solutions are cost effective.

What are some of the benefits of having Ruckus as part of your network solution?

Fast Internet - The technology in the Ruckus boxes help to increase both the speed and the reliability of your network to ensure the best possible performance.

Awesome Security - With Ruckus, the concern isn't only for cost or ease of setup, but also security is crucial for a solid network appliance.

Quick Installation - One of the best things about Ruckus is the appliances are added to your network quickly.  You don't have to worry about massive labor costs getting it working.  The setup is normally about an hour and it makes it so much better for work in the coming months and years.

Check out the CLOUD DEMO so you can see how the management tool looks and works!


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