Success is Not Guaranteed

Improve the Way You Do Business

Running an IT company is not the easiest job out there, but with a team of passionate people we have been able to grow over the years beyond what we would have imagined 10 years ago.  Back around 2010, we were just coming out of a major recession and there were some hard business decisions to be made.

We decided to pour the little money we had into aggressively sending out marketing as well as improving our web presense.  Granted, this is a strategy that could have easily failed.  We took a risk, but most importantly, we had to have the courage to be responsible for our own future.

We have come to another time, where many people will tuck their tails and run.  Will that be you?  Or, are you one of the few who will use this time to improve your business, make some tough decisions, buckle down and help your team manage to get through this together.

Maybe you are scared, maybe you are wondering what would happen if you had to close your doors.  Perhaps you are excited because you know a few competitors will go under and there will be an influx on new clients.  No matter where you are with your business, we want to encourage you to stay strong!

We help businesses with their IT Services, however, we are happy to chat with business owners about how to improve their businesses.  We are not claiming to be business coaches or to have it all figured out...  we are just a company that cares about our community, and if it would help another business owner, we want to be available to chat to strategize on how to maximize what they can to make it through this tricky time.

Maybe there are employees spread all over doing who knows what.  If that is your situation, you need to chat with us about how we can have your team working in the Cloud and being nearly as efficient as they were in the office.  More than that, we wanted to encourage you to take a look at your systems and processes and see if there is any way you can find money that maybe you have been leaving out there.

Here are a few examples of things you may want to look at:

  • If you sell product for someone, like we sell for Microsoft, Dell, VoIP telephones, firewalls, servers, etc...  Have you had anyone check to see if these partners have Marketing Development Funds (MDF) - Of course your companies will be different
  • Are there any programs you can take advantage of, for example - There was the Coronavirus package that was signed and that will free some funds for loans and grants 
  • Next, we just saw we had a ton of points on our credit cards that we were able to trade in for cash
  • Have you sold off your inventory?  Sometimes just selling some of what you have can help cashflow a ton
  • Getting your accounts receivables (AR) in this time is especially important in times like these and realistically should be streamlined for good times too.
  • Finally, you may be forced to lay off some staff.  We always suggest this as a very last resort as the cost of training people and getting them to fit within your culture can be many times a month or two month's salary costs.

What we are saying is your business can do something.  Maybe you can cut the costs and improve your Fiber Internet services or VoIP services by looking at a company like ours.  Maybe there is some money just waiting to be picked up.  When you really decide you are responsible for your business, you will surprise yourself with how creative you may become.  Will it always work?  No.  But more often than not it will and if it doesn't, don't you owe it to yourself and your team to know you did your very best to get through this time?

We think this can be an amazing month to improve systems and to focus on your business efficiencies.  If you need help with IT Support, IT Services, Managed IT, VoIP services or Fiber Internet in Las Vegas, Chicago, Pasadena or Phoenix, give us a call today!