Virtualization and Network Infrastructure Optimization in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles

Cut costs and Increase computing capacity! IT services in las vegas

Do you know what server virtualization is? It is when you partition one or more servers into many virtual servers to maximize resources on that hardware. This resource is vital for IT because it provides efficiencies and capabilities that you can’t access otherwise. So this means that it gets you more functionality out of the equipment that you already own while saving money on new hardware and maintenance. Intelligent Technical Solutions is here to help get you set up to help increase productivity and have the space to do so.

Server Management & Optimization
Our services add flexibility to your systems that you didn’t know that you could have. With our infrastructure optimization service will improve your performance and enhance utilization. We also divide workloads within the confines of a server.

This means that we can deliver the following benefits:

  • Faster application performance
  • Quick recovery from a network system failure
  • Reducing the number of physical servers
  • Lower energy bill
  • Cheaper IT investment

By using server virtualization you get a quick and significant return on your investment with our IT services. Intelligent Technical Solutions have experts that show you how to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly, improve technology and spend less money!