Your Managed IT Services Provider Can Contribute to The Proactive Culture of your Business

Businesses that maintain a competitive advantage within their industries know that a proactive culture is critical to their success. These organizations surround themselves with service providers that empower them to leverage the incidences of problems and to plan ahead; and Managed IT Services Providers are uniquely positioned to set the pace.

Managed IT Services Companies Document Problems and Their SolutionsThe IT Services and Support Provider can seamlessly implement the proactive management of the business' technology whether it is a critical part of the business strategy or merely an administrative tool.

Intelligent Technical Solutions is a mature Managed IT Services Company. After 13 years of being in business, we have developed a framework to foster a culture of proactive behavior from our staff and our clients.

The systematic documenting of problem incidents, helped us identify patterns of recurring problems within different company types (industry, size, and company culture variables). We turned this information into processes which we have incorporated into the managed technology services and support plan of our clients. Once the day to day operations between our techs and the members of the customer's organization are in place ( the first 45 - 60 days), our service level managers become exception handlers. As they solve the problem, they document the progression of the newly identified type, and once resolved, review and analyze if the process to solve it can be optimized. The analysis discussion may include team leads, our service manager, and our lead technology infrastructure designer (in our case, our chief technology officer). Together, they identify the optimal route to solve the new problem type. Then, our service manager, documents and implements the new process. When the problem recurs, we are better equipped to resolve it. As time passes, we design these solutions into our infrastructure.

Managed IT Services Companies Proctive FrameworkFor example, when we begin our relationship with a large company from the financial industry, we already know their most common problems from the get go. Financial industry companies make intensive use of phone services. These also need a system for securing data that meets industry compliance requirements. Our proactive approach to working with new clients from this industry begins with a meeting with the members of the company, and the designated client account manager and the team technicians. During this onboarding session, we talk about the most recurring problems with found with this type of companies and how we have solved these.

Another process of our proactive framework is to learn the communication style of our clients. Once the designated client account manager learns about the communication style of the leadership and the main key points of contact in the organization, the designated team of technicians is also informed about this style. This phase is intended to enable the designated client account manager and technicians to maintain effective communication as they provide support.

As we mentioned above, we integrate our proactive processes into the design of our services and products. Each one of our managed services plans encompasses a proactive module that improves the operation of our clients' technology. Aside from the commonly offered software updates, we include hardware asset tracking, optimization of servers and desktops, and 24.7 monitoring of servers amongst other proprietary processes.

If you want to learn more about how we help our clients promote a proactive culture, schedule a FREE computer network assessment, and from the get-go, you'll see how we do it.

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