How To Monetize the Computer Network of Your Business

Wireless computer networks have become ubiquitous, and businesses that have a large traffic of people can monetize their wifi. The biggest requirement to have this capability is a sufficiently broad bandwidth and an adequate wireless infrastructure. Building a wireless infrastructure is relatively easy to do, and here, I give you an overview of how to lay the infrastructure through a do it yourself wireless roaming network and through a Ruckus turn key solution.

A roaming network allows users to roam from one area to another without losing connectivity to the network. All technical aspects aside, imagine a building with many wireless access points; these could be like the wireless routers you use at home or fully dedicated wireless access points. Depending on their coverage capacity, you would install these across to provide wifi access throughout the building, and when a user walked away from the coverage of one, he or she would be picked up by the coverage of the contiguous access point without the need to reidentify himself or herself.

Computer Network User Roaming

It is relatively easy to create a roaming network like this. You can event use two or more routers like the ones you use at home.

The first thing you need to do is configure all the routers you will use for this network need to broadcast the same SSID (service set identifier), and if you are implementing a secure access, then these must also have the same security settings ( the type of authentication and the key or password). Finally, you need to configure the same channel for each one of these.

All of these must be wired to your internet, and depending on their coverage capacity, each needs at least 75% of free coverage; otherwise these will interfere with one another, and users will experience connectivity gaps. For instance, if you were using two routers with 300 feet coverage each, then you would need to place these 525 feet from each other. One needs 225 feet of free coverage, the other needs 225 of free coverage, and their coverage overlaps for 75 feet.

Business Wireless Computer Network

Another alternative for a robust wifi network is the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi. This turnkey solution offers an intuitive cloud management interface that allows you to deploy WiFi and easily create and manage new users and networks. Although able to work with a broad range of wireless access point brands, the Rucks access points outperform all other 802.11ac and 802.11n due to its BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology; and these dynamically switch users to better channels if the one in use begins to degrade.

Ruckus Turn Key Wifi Solution

Ruckus offers solutions that allow your business to deploy WiFi, and then manage and monitor traffic through a simple, intuitive web interface that can you load even from a phone app.

We offer fiber internet, and we have helped many hospitality industry businesses deploy a wifi infrastructure that allows them to monetize their internet connection. If you are wondering how to enable your business to do so, call us for 2 hours of free consultation so we can answer all of your questions.

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