How We Manage Our Managed IT Services Quality and Cost

As a Managed IT Services Company that serves businesses across Las Vegas, we are under constant pressure to improve the quality of our products and services. Inevitably, improvement results in increased costs.

After 13 years of being in business, we are well aware that if we want to deliver products and services that meet the needs of our clients, we must accept and embrace the undeniable facts that quality improvement increases the cost of services.

When we first started this business, we were so excited about the potential of computing technology and the network that we wanted to please all of our clients. Very soon we had many many projects, and all of these were growing exponentially. We felt we could improve, modify, and create a myriad of solutions to solve any problem any client expressed. As you can imagine, amidst the intellectual feast we had going, our accountant called us and said: "we won't make the budget for the next month." We had spent a lot of money in new tools and labor, and soon after this call, I realized that many of our fancy tools offered the same solution, albeit with a slightly different approach.

Our reaction was to operate from the other extreme. We started to constraint our product development and the quality of our services to our budget. As we began to cut our spending, many of our clients were unhappy because they were used to getting every need custom-tailored met. But working within of our well-defined budget was no good either. We strictly monitored our techs on how they spent their time, and IT projects were only to be started if these met the budget and existing demand. We were squashing any room for creativity and innovation. At times we caught ourselves implementing rules that clearly implied our clients had to resourced to third party products and solutions to accommodate nascent business needs. Of course, this was not what drove us to start a managed technology business. And after a few months of painful operation, we determined we needed to figure out how to balance cost and quality improvement.

It took us a few turns and twists to find ways to measure existing quality and effectively improved quality. I think measuring improving quality is the most difficult part because I may assume that a tweak on this process or the use of that product will improve the customer's experience. Sometimes, the client may think a tweak here and change there will enhance our impact on his business objective. But we learned that one-sided input is not as effective in improving quality as an ongoing conversation of what has happened, what is going on, and what we want to have happened. We crystallized this knowledge into the meetings that are part of the Technology Consulting module of our Managed IT Plans.

By working with our clients on the technology spending budget, we can help them plan for future spending; and through our quarterly business review and planning meetings we learn and get a better understanding of our clients short, mid and long-term business objectives. It is through this ongoing conversation, monitoring, and planning that we maintain a balance between improving quality and costs. Today, our improvements are relevant to our clients' needs, and we minimize costs increase by planning ahead and stretching resources as much as possible while incorporating better tools.

Intelligent Technical Solutions provides Managed IT Services across the Las Vegas Metro area. Our Premium Care, Premium Care Plus, and Total Care Plans offer IT Budget and Business Review Meetings that help us work in tandem with our clients. Our mission is to help businesses thrive, and we have a proven process to do so. Reach out to us if you want to learn more about these plans, and about how we help other businesses like yours.

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