Stable vs. Responsive, Where Your Managed IT Services Company Lies

Managed IT Services Companies face the challenge of delivering consistent services and support in an ever changing environment. Companies face decisions that result in a highly stable or highly responsive company. Few achieve the balance between these extremes, and those who do, enjoy streamlined technology that results in reliable service provision at a lower cost.

For you as a client, working with IT companies that are out of balance, the costs could manifest on your business having to hire additional services or products to meet your objectives, or having to accommodate constantly changing services and support. If you are an established business with a solid customer base, and one that is realistically able to plan as far as 10 years ahead, you need to work with an MSP that maintains stable standard operating procedures, and one that can respond to the changing business market within a moderate amount of time.

Companies heavily focused on stability require that clients operate within the technology and SOPs they have refined. Although these companies can demonstrate they meet high standards of operation, they are out of touch with the business landscape. Clients may resource to purchasing additional services and products to meet new demands and objectives. These companies try to manage demand for services and products.

On the other side of the spectrum, extremely responsive companies are unable to establish standard operating procedures. The staff of these type of businesses is often busy testing a new technology or defining a new process. They may have multiple technologies that provide the same solutions, for marginally varying business needs. These IT companies do little effort trying to adjust the existing technology. With these companies, there is a significant disconnect between the projected activity of the business and its existing capacity and infrastructure.

A company that has achieved the balance between stability and responsiveness invests in adaptive technology and in a strong management force that participates throughout the entire service lifetime cycle, from design to optimization. It also promotes recurring meetings between service management and clients to ensure the former monitors the alignment between the service and the business needs. This makes it easier to initiate changes early, and give room to design adjustable, scalable, reliable and sustaining IT Service infrastructure.

When you get your IT Solutions from a company that maintains balance, your business won't have to look for additional services or products to meet its technology needs. Rather, you and your MSP will forecast changes in tandem, and your business will receive the IT services and Support according to ongoing business objectives.

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