Weighing Your Managed IT Provider

Is your Managed IT Provider too rigid and inside focused? Or is it too flexible and overly accommodating? Either extreme will hurt you sooner rather than later, and you are better off working with a balanced managed technology provider.

Balanced Managed IT ProviderWhen you work with a technology provider that maintains a balanced approached to serving your business, you can infer the company followed a dedicated long-term approach that resulted in sustainable business practices. Why would that matter to you? Because your business will seamlessly benefit from the continued optimization of technology, processes, and practices required for the balancing act.

Unbalanced Managed IT ServicesIf an MSP is too focused on technology as an end, they will do little to evaluate whether you are getting value from the products and services they feed you. In this case, the IT company will be rigid, and very likely, your needs won't be met. You may have to accommodate the provider at the cost of your efficiency and effectiveness, and you may not even be aware of the toll.

This type of company will use a push approach, and it will provide only standard services without any regard to your industry, size of business, and minding to the objectives of your own business. In cases where you need the customization of a service or product, they would give you the run around because your request may not fit into their architecture. The staff of IT companies like these believes that technical acumen is the synonym of excellent customer service.

On the other extreme, an MSP that is too focused on pleasing you will overpromise and underdeliver. The problem here is the disconnect with the abilities of the company; what can they deliver? Does the technology allow to provide exactly what you and other 100 clients want? I know it sounds great, "we'll provide you exactly with what you need." If the IT company is promising the same to all clients, even with the best intentions, it will run out of resources at some point.

Unbalanced Managed IT ProviderThis type of company will expect its internal staff to figure out how to make ends meet, and IT WILL consistently underdeliver. This company operate reactively and lack consistent and well-defined processes. Of course, you can expect poorly trained staff. If as you are reading this, you are thinking about your account rep, who happens to be your hero, I'm sorry to bear the forecast news: you are working with a company that will be out of business in sooner rather than later.

So what characterizes the balanced MSP? The balanced focus on internal and external factors. A properly managed IT company will spouse the technology with which it delivers its services with the importance and impact that these have on the businesses it serves.

This type of managed service provider will have input channels from its customers, staff, and technology. These data will drive optimization efforts, and all will be supremely important. Inherently, these efforts result in better products and services that cost much less to produce. Employees of this type of company understand the relationship between the technology, the delivery of the service, and the objective of the clients they serve. This kind of company is equipped to deliver the terms of the contract consistently.

For over 13 years, Intelligent Technical Solutions has provided managed IT services across Las Vegas. The A+ rating granted by the Better Business Bureau is evidence that we are a company that strives for excellence. We invest in the development of our staff, we optimize our technology, and we always seek to understand the goals of our clients. If you want to learn more about us, schedule a free computer network assessment and let us give you a taste of our proven process.

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