3 Things to Know Before Upgrading Your Computer Network

Are you scrambling to make last year purchases to lighten the year's tax burden? If your business files according to cash accounting method, paying for a year of computing network may be the way to go. Here are two alternatives.

Secure Network IT Managed Services CompanyCloud technology offers real benefits to businesses. For starters, you get access to up to date hardware and software without having to pay a big lump sum at the get go. When you migrate to the cloud, you get started with a monthly fee, and furthermore, you may opt for a yearly offer that greatly reduces your monthly fee. Savings and up to date equipment aside, migrating to the cloud results on improved and easier to manage backups. You also get easy access to your resources from anywhere. With reduced IT complexities your IT support expense also decreases. We suggest you do a Cloud Readiness Assessment for to ensure this technology is right for you.

Another alternative may be Hardware as a Service, Haas. In this case, you rent hardware on a monthly basis; this offers you to pay for hardware as a service without the hefty lump sum at the get go. Like renting an apartment, the burden of repairs and upgrades fall on the IT service provider; we must keep your computer network running smoothly. Here the benefit is free cash flow, and the caveat is higher payments over the long term.

As the year comes to a close, we offer new clients a cloud-based network upgrade bonus. For the remaining of 2016, we offer a FREE month of Managed IT Service to new customers who migrate to the cloud.

Not only that, but before you commit to making the change, we offer a FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment through which you will learn the pros and cons of moving to the cloud, the big GOTCHAs of computer network migration, and a thorough cost comparison of buying vs. cloud.

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