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If your computer is running slower than normal, you might need to see a Las Vegas computer repair technician. Why not try a disk cleanup first to see if your performance improves? In the Windows 7 start menu search field, type disk cleanup. Launch the disk cleanup program. 

After the application runs, you will be able to select some items from a pop-up window. You can check any box from a list that includes the recycle bin, downloaded program files, setup log files and more. If you are unsure whether you can afford to delete any of these items, make sure to use the description box.

Simply click on the item in question, which will highlight it, and look in the description box. There will be a short explanation of the item, how it came onto your computer and what will happen if you delete it. If you want to see these files before deciding whether to delete them, simply click on the view files button.

For example, the service pack backup files would allow you to uninstall a program that came onto your computer. The description box explains that checking this box would be appropriate only if you never plan to uninstall any programs.

You might save approximately 500 MB, but the actual disk space gained may vary. If this procedure does not help, seeking computer repairs in Las Vegas might be an appropriate action.

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