Remote Access in Windows 7

Remote Access: Windows 7
Sometimes, PC users in Las Vegas experience technical troubles with their computer and need some help resolving a problem. Windows 7 has two ways that you can allow trusted users to have access to your computer. They can either be allowed to take control of your mouse and do the corrections manually, or you can simply allow them to observe without giving them control of your mouse.

Get Ahead with Remote Access!

Remote Assistance

This method allows a person to either watch what you are doing without any manual control, or you can allow them to control the mouse. The user must extend an invitation before this will work. Without the invitation, they cannot access your computer. This is an important safety feature.

Remote Desktop

Called RDP by most administrators, it allows users to connect to another computer. Then, the user is able to work remotely in a manner similar to someone sitting in front of a computer keyboard.

Go to the control panel and click on remote settings. By default, the assistance is allowed. By unchecking the box, your system will be more secure. By clicking the advanced button, you can allow the computer to be observed but not controlled. The amount of time they will be allowed to access your computer is right below the remote control option.

Back in the remote tab, the default setting for RDP will not allow connections to the computer. The most secure option is Network Level Authentication. Press the “select users” button to add trusted users.

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