When Trying to Get Your Site Ranked Compromises Security

Search Engine Registration Scams

There are several genuine methods to increase the visibility of your company on the web, such as keyword tuning and backlink building. However, many scammers will attempt to coerce you into paying them by sending to you a fake invoice with a ‘registration fee ‘ for better listings on search engine results. 

Many spammers are becoming more clever at getting you to share your confidential data and money with them by using professional sounding but deceptive communications.

One specific tactic is getting people to pay to register to be listed in a search engine, via a standard invoice process – a deadline and an itemized bill. In fact, this are baseless, as there is no such thing as online registration for search engines.

If you want to increase the visibility of your site, you should explore ways to optimize your ranking. We can help provide this service to your organization, by mapping out the multiple factors that can place your site at the very top of search engine results.

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