Data Security for Las Vegas

Everyone has heard of terms like "Data Security" or "Barracuda Filters" or "Firewalls"...  We want to take a step back from the technical componets, and deal with the principle in general.  How much is your data worth?  If your company lost its customer database or one of its servers, would it last?  Studies have shown that93% of businesses who don't have a disaster recovery plan in place and lose their data don't stay in business for one year.

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If you are looking for a computer technician in Las Vegas, the first thing you will want is someone who understands the business importance of a healthy network.  There are plenty of people out there who can plug in a new computer, set the permissions and have a network running fairly smoothly.  If you are dealing with a company like that, things will work fine until there is a real problem.

We suggest that you look for a computer technician in Las Vegas who will take protecting your data as seriously as they would protect their own data (or should).  Are they stopping malicious viruses from coming in?  Are they making sure the data can't be stolen or corrupted by an angry employee?  Are they making sure there is a good off-site storage system in case there was a disaster?  Are they making sure that your drives and servers are in good shape and not dangerously close to completely crashing.

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We work hard to be the best computer technicians in Las Vegas, so we hope if you don't use us, you at least follow some of these basics tips.


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