Small Business Servers in Las Vegas

We have all done it for a while, especially when first starting a new business.  We buy a computer or two, figure out a way to do a peer to peer network that works and then gradually add to that.  Maybe this is where you have been, but are quickly realizing this can be a costly method to keep up.  Have you considered a small business server to help with your computer costs?  Let's look at this option really quickly.  Give us a call if you need ideas like this explained in plain English as we'd love to be your computer technician in Las Vegas!

Here are 3 ways having a small office server can help your business become more profitable and easier to manage.

  1. Less expensive IT computer help.  Do you call a computer technician in Las Vegas currently to come over and load applications on your machines or to fix drivers all the time?  With a small business server, you can run applications off the server and only have one load instead of 8 to 10 for the computer technician to do.
  2. Cheaper Office Space --  Suddenly what was once available only by coming in the office becomes available from remote locations if plugged in well.
  3. Better IT Security -- If you computer technician in Las Vegas forgot to install virus software or plug in the firewalls the correct way in a normal computer, everything is at risk.  With a Server, you can install a central point of defense and make sure no unwanted intruders come in a back door quite easily!

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