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It was raining something brutal last week, and it naturally led us to think about data back-up (we know, we really need to get a life!)  There is talk all over about data back up and why you need it and why you need to spend $500 a month to have "real solutions."  In this article, we want to take a step back.  Why should you even care as a small business owner about data back-up?

Most companies are pretty compucentric these days, the computers go down, suddenly no one in the office is capable of work.  The accounts receivable people can't process any checks and the sales reps can't remember any contacts.  People stand around waiting, and too often continuing to wait, for their computer guy to show up.

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What if you have a disaster and your computer guy can't "fix it?"  There was a cool idea floating around and it still is regarding disaster recovery which would be good for you to look at.  What tier are you in?  Are you barely protecting a few pieces of data, or would your company be able to open its doors tomorrow if there was a disaster tonight?

Are you currently depending on a disk to disk data backup or tape backup system, or is your disaster recovery plan (drp) even worse, just hoping for the best...  Is it onsite or offsite?  If you do not have a disaster recovery plan for your Las Vegas company, we really need to talk!

Preparing your company for contingencies can seem painful and expensive, but the alternative is far worse.  So, if your system crashed, are you ready?

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