The Importance of Data Backup in Las Vegas

The Importance of Data Backup in Las Vegas

This week one of our staff members had their iPhone crash on them and when they tried to restore their phone from the Back Up, it didn't go smoothly because the file was corrupted and it turned out it was faster for them to re-enter their data than it was to try and fix the corrupted file.  Since we all all Las Vegas Computer Technicians, you can imagine the grief this person has had to endure as a result of this issue they had.  We have systems in place for the business, the person we speak of neglected this same procedure for their personal devices.

The first thing is all the technicians asked if they had another back up and then found it amusing they never tested their backup at all to make sure it was solid.  The same kinds of things happen on your computer network for your Las Vegas Business.  Drives crash, servers go down and there is that question that will come up if the right things weren't done...  Is it easier to try and fix or just rebuild from scratch?

Doing an integrity test on your back-up is absolutely essential if you can't afford to have downtime on your Las Vegas Computer Network.  Has your technician actually moved the data from one server to the other from a backup to make sure it works?  If not, you should call us now before you have to make that painful decision!

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