Investing in IT During Tough Times!

Would you be surprised to learn that the Las Vegas Sands company had a major IT renovation last year that helped curtail much of the bleeding it had been suffering?  Most people are.  When profits go down, or go into the red, the first thing we all do as small business owners is look for ways to cut expenses.

IT often suffers first as companies feel their computers work fine and they can survive a year or two better without investing in the IT side of the house.

IT is different than other components of a business.  IT can help reduce costs, if done properly, rather than raise costs because the primary job of IT or computers in general is to INCREASE our efficiency, not to just cost money.  Any IT initiative should have as part of it's justification a solid ROI calculation.  Does going from workstations to a VM environment make sense?  It does if you look at the costs associated with support of desktops as well as the costs of power and software licenses.

A good Managed Services company in Las Vegas should be able to simply and quickly put together such calculations for you which are verifiable or able to be put on contract at the costs they are claiming.  If you need to have a Managed services company in Las Vegas hep out your business, you should give us a call so we can show you how a good Computer Support company in Las Vegas can help your bottom line, not hurt it!


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