Is Open Source for Your Company?

Cutting Costs with Open Source Software

Every business needs some kind of software for their computer. Content creators need a word processor and image manipulation software, accountants need spreadsheet and money tracking software, and so it goes. Even the smallest business needs a piece of software for something. There are free versions of all the major pieces of productivity software to help a small business save money.

Open Source Alternatives

Microsoft Office is the king of the heap when it comes to office productivity. Yet, a new version of Microsoft Office 8 can cost upwards of $130. There are well-supported alternatives out there. Apache Open Office is a suite that has been around for over a decade. This free program can do everything Microsoft Office can do, then some. It handles Microsoft Office files, guaranteeing that old documents can be used with the suite. There is also a new comer to the Office wars called Libreoffice. This is a good set of tools as well, though not as tested as Open Office.

A good program to replace the expensive Adobe Photoshop is called Gimp. This program has been around for almost two decades, guaranteeing wide support and an active user base. It is also easy to use for any Photoshop veteran.

Keep in Mind

A person that is used to using one program may not be familiar with another. These programs can cut costs but staff will need to be trained on them.

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