Upgrading Your OS

Is an Operating System upgrade necessary?

The average price of an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is $70. That is if a computer already has Windows 7 installed. If not? Windows 8 costs $200, minimum. These prices can make some companies decide between needed computer repairs and upgrading to a new operating system. The choice isn’t always easy and some ideas need to be considered before upgrading.

Is it really an upgrade?

Once upon a time, a new operating system was necessary have for many businesses. It provided new features that could help keep their computer systems secure. The OS felt like an upgrade. The new era of computer networking has created a way for older computers to have new features without an OS upgrade. Does your company really need to spend money on the newest shiny virtual toy? How will your employees respond?

The User Experience

It takes time and energy to retrain everyone on a new OS. Not every company has the funds to fly people to Las Vegas for a seminar, or the time needed for all the employees to get familiar with a system. If the user experience for a new OS is vastly different from the previous one, it is time to pause and reflect. Can your business succeed with the operating systems installed? Microsoft doesn’t stop supporting the old operating systems just because a new one has come on the scene.

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