Laptop Won’t Boot – Quick Tips to Help

Booting a PC into Safe Mode

Even in Las Vegas, systems will need computer repairs. Booting it your system in to Safe Mode will allow you to troubleshoot your system without computer networking or other system functions. Safe Mode only loads the files that are absolutely necessary to make the computer work. This is a good tool to know about.

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Windows XP

In the lower left hand corner of the screen, click the Start Button. Now click Turn Off computer and select restart. When the computer restarts, press F8 before windows starts booting up. This will take you to a list of choices. Select Safe Mode and your computer will now finish the boot up process.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

On the lower left hand corner of the Windows Vista screen, click on the Windows logo globe. Restart your computer and wait until the BIOS screen ends. Press F8 and keep pressing the button until a list of commands comes up. Click safe mode and wait for it to complete booting up. You can start it with networking or without for further troubleshooting options.

Windows 8
Safe mode activation in Windows 8 is a bit more complicated. Restart the computer and press shift+F8. Select advance repair options on the recovery screen. On the next screen, select Troubleshoot. Go down to Advance Options. On this screen, select Windows Startup Settings. Hitting reboot will now restart the computer to the familiar Safe Mode options screen.

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