Is Your Computer Technology Clear?

How to Clean Your Technology for a Better Business

Technology such as laptops, desktop computers, phones and tablets are great ways to organize information for a successful business. Regular cleaning and computer repairs can be vital towards extending the life of your equipment. Learn more about the best ways to keep your laptops, servers, switches and other technology in excellent condition.

The frequency that you will need to clean your equipment is dependent on the geographical location. Las Vegas has a large amount of fine dust that can accumulate on the surface of computers and within the electrical components. A tip to keep in mind is to clean the outside of your computers, servers and other equipment at least once a month. Deeper cleaning within the computer case should occur about every six months.

The best tools to use for cleaning include compressed air, a vacuum, microfiber cloths, cotton swabs, a small paintbrush and rubbing alcohol. It is especially important to keep liquids away from electronic equipment, so a damp cloth should be used sparingly. Turn off any computers that you wish to clean and unplug them. You can use a damp microfiber cloth to clean around the outside of the computer and vacuum around the area.

For a deep cleaning, you should undo several screws along the back of the computer case and slide the case off. The most crucial areas to clean are near the fans because they keep your computer from overheating. You can spray compressed air, use cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol or a small paintbrush to remove dust from the inside. Timely maintenance makes your technology more reliable for a better business.

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